Future life in astrology

My actions: I book my ticket home for Thanksgiving. It wasn't as expensive as I'd feared, which seems great already. Report says: "You will want to take up any opportunities for love-making today. Your relationships will feel "deeper," and you could discover hidden talents you didn't know you possessed.

My actions: Uh, I will definitely keep that in mind when I go out tonight, should any "opportunities" arise. It's OK to hook up if my astrology report told me to, right?

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Also, I hope my secret talent involves turning things into gold, because I have a big old credit card bill that needs to be paid. Elizabeth was kind enough to go over the detailed report it's more than 25 pages!

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My biggest takeaway from our conversation was that she told me the best time for me to meet someone new was around the new year. I'm calendaring specific predictions, and I'll be sure to fill you guys in if any pan out!

Can Vedic Astrology Foretell the Future?

Want your own report or want to give one as a holiday gift? She'll need the subject's birth date, time of birth, and birth city for the most accurate chart.

Offer applies only to email orders; no baskets or hardbound books. Are you into astrology, or are you a skeptic?


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Have you ever had a report like this done? Although this app is not free, it has a 7 day free trial that is worth trying out. There is a lot of expertise here in the field of astrology. Predict your future with the simple tap of a finger. By Melanie Wild. Melanie is a country-living Canadian astrologer, artist, photographer, and mother of two with a deep love of all things metaphysical. She enjoys creating lasting memories with her family, and dreaming up crazy things to add to her bucket list.

Learn more about her expertise at The Wild Quiet. Time Passages FREE in app purchases available This app offers a wide range of options between interpretations of your own natal chart, progressions, transits, and what signs the planets are currently in. Astrology Zone by Susan Miller FREE This app is a user-friendly, straight forward resource that offers daily and monthly forecasts and is ideal for beginners with access to articles.

Horoscope 12222 for Aries:

Co-Star FREE In a beautifully laid out style, this app allows you to connect to friends who have an interest in astrology, while enabling you to compare compatibility. Astro Future FREE Not only does this app offer interpretations of transit horoscopes, but it allows you to add in multiple natal chart data with the ability to interpret compatibility between those charts!

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A Sydney Astrologer can make predictions for your future by calculating dates when certain events will happen. Card reading by a psychic can indicate certain events but not give you dates when these will happen.

Ganesh Future Life Astrology

A professional astrologer is calculating the dates when aspects are formed and then consults with the client about possible events. Transits and Progressions: talking about the year ahead, what you can expect and which opportunities you may get. Before you come in, a table with cycles and dates will be prepared, to help you make important choices and decisions.

To inform you about oncoming changes, so you are prepared and can weather any situation in life with a different perspective. A perfect birthday present. There are many different techniques to do forecasts , to predict the year ahead for a client. Transits, progressions, solar arcs, solar returns, lunar returns to mention just a few techniques or tools a professional astrologer uses.

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It is important to realize that life happens in cycles and is the skill of an astrologer to interpret such life cycles and symbols for the client. A famous cycle for instance is the Saturn return. It is the time transiting Saturn takes to circumvent your natal chart.