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Although she is not particularly prone to despair, she could really make herself miserable because of her high standards, related solely to her own doing. She is demanding and bold. Fortunately, a Capricorn lady feels the moment in which she has to cool down and lowers her self-expectations. She never loses hope she could fulfill them; just not at the moment.

Single Love Horoscope

A Capricorn woman is very energetic and could do many things at the same time. She can see herself in a large number of different professions and she manages to combine them all. She is genuinely a versatile personality; you could have her doing some serious IT work and at the same time painting something, dancing or expressing herself in any other artistic form. She is intelligent and very talented. Capricorn women see never to lose their motivation; they would always find fuel for their dreams and their goals. These women could be unscrupulous; if they have determined a tough and not as easily reachable goal, they would not mind obstacles, even if it means hurting people.

You should also not try to irritate a Capricorn; she will stab you with her horns, do not even think she will spare you and be nice! A Capricorn lady is a fighter; an elegant, charming and sharp one. In love, she is not particularly romantic, but she definitely needs a man to impress her. She falls for guys with great sense of humor, who are smart and steady in their attitude. She would not enter a relationship in haste, but she does not want to wait for a lifetime to get married and start a family.

A Capricorn woman wants that type of life; she is ready to make compromises and start a relationship based on mutual desire to have children and family, even if she is not that burning of desire for her partner. She needs time to truly let someone in; as we have said, it does not have to be a prince charming, but she needs to make sure her partner is someone she could fully rely on, someone who will make her laugh and be her friend.

A Capricorn woman wants a partnership, not just amorousness. She is determined to get it. She could be all sweet and cuddly in a relationship, but never completely tamed. Every Capricorn woman is stubborn, so her partner must understand she would never give up her opinion on something that easily. At least, he should be ready to accept it, even if he does not understand it. She would never let others make decisions in her place and try to control her. She likes to be in charge of what she considers is hers to do. A Capricorn woman likes well-established and determined partner roles.

These two are way too energetic and different to get along smoothly. They are very unlikely to fall for one another, but it could happen, of course. The problem is, their energies are incredibly strong, but focused on very different ideas and goals. They have opposite opinions and attitudes about almost everything, their values are different and their interests as well.

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  6. While a Gemini man could be intrigued by a bold and quite impressive Capricorn woman, she does not fall for his childish side. A Gemini man could see her as precious trophy and to try to win her over for the sake of his love game; his adventurous spirit could really inspire him so. However, a Capricorn lady most definitely does not like to be seen as a trophy; to be perceived as something unique and valuable flatters her, but she does not like games. Unconventional, wandering Gemini could find difficult to get along with seriousness, responsibility and criticism characteristic for Capricorns.

    A playful, flirty and always on the go Gemini man is rarely interested in more conservative, reserved and serious Capricorn lady, except if he sees her as a challenge. A Capricorn lady is not interested in entering a relationship with someone as unsteady as a Gemini man; she does not see him reliable enough and, generally, she finds it hard to trust him.

    Dating a Gemini Man: Yoga of the Heart

    This connection really challenges destiny. It is not, of course, impossible that a Gemini man and a Capricorn woman have a happy relationship, but there are many differences between them. If other astrological aspects fit in and if they are determined to make their relationship work out, they could make it.

    GEMINI - They're confused - Mid June 2019 - Love Tarot

    However, we have to mention that this type of connection rarely lasts for longer than an affair. A Gemini man and a Capricorn woman are very unlikely to take the next step. It is unlikely they would even stay together long enough to talk about marriage at all. They are completely differently oriented. Roughly presented, we could say a Gemini is way too liberal and a Capricorn conservative, strict and traditional. The only thing they have in common is that they both love challenges. Capricorn is not that much into experimenting as Gemini is.

    A Gemini would like to try everything, he will try to persuade a Capricorn woman to do something he dreams of, but she would feel uncomfortable and get annoyed and angry. They simply have very different views on sex and intimacy and would often end up unsatisfied and disappointed.

    They would constantly argue over things and would never understand one another completely, but this diversity is what, paradoxically, keeps their friendship alive. They are actually fascinated of how different they are and why they are still friends!

    The Gemini Man

    Gemini and Capricorn are like a tornado and a wildfire. Both of great energies, but dangerous to one another.

    You could already see them arguing over politics and stuff; they both can talk a lot and loud. Gemini would be all about his arguments, pros and cons, while Capricorn would stubbornly stand behind her opinions and would never give them up. Imagine them married. They would be a strange couple, if they manage to stay together. They fail to realize their opposite traits could be complementary. They simply have zero tolerance for one another and do not even try to dig deeper. It is very unlikely they will even attract one another sexually. They could probably develop a relationship from friendship, once they know each other well.

    Skip to content. More interesting articles:. The key days in July, as far as Gemini love horoscope is concerned, are July 12 th , July 19 th , and July 25 th , You may experience a change in the balance of your relationship this month, and it will leave your feeling a little bit disoriented.

    Every relationship goes through different phases. It just so happens that yours is going through a slump. Be patient, strong, and faithful. Soon the stars will align in your favor and your relationship will be stronger and better than ever. If you feel like you want to get out of the relationship that you are in, you will finally find the strength and the courage that you need. You will be able to achieve what you want to achieve in your personal life with grace, courage, and wisdom.

    You will also find peace and harmony in your relationship after a time of doubt, distress, and anxiety. Relationship tensions will also be a thing of the past. You will no longer be distracted by the little things. During this period, you will be more grateful for what you have and stop thinking about what you lack. This month will also be an exercise in patience and self-control as you will be demonstrating great emotional maturity even in emotionally charged situations. You will be extremely focused this month.

    Nothing can distract you from your goal, which is to have a happy, peaceful, and harmonious relationship with the person you love. The key days in August, as far as Gemini love horoscope is concerned, are August 3 rd , August 13 th , and August 27 th , You will have the opportunity to know someone who meets almost all your requirements in a life partner. It will be a very exciting time, and you will possibly fall in love sooner than you think.

    But tread carefully, especially if they seem too good to be true. People wear facades all the time, so learn to read the signs and do the necessary background check! There will be a willingness for you to adapt to new ideas and unexpected situations that can happen in the next few months.

    Gemini Love and Romance Horoscope |

    Your emotional energies will be strong and stable for the whole month of September. There will be a noticeable positive change in your partner because of this. Your stability will allow you to focus on the strength of your love and not on the things that make your relationship far from perfect. Single Gemini people will also have an enjoyable time during this period because of the many new people that will come into your life.

    There is a very good chance that you will find a new romantic relationship soon. But your commitment to your partner will stop you from doing anything about your desire.