Mars transit in virgo vedic astrology

This yoga is known to confer assured financial progress and an enviable status and prosperity more. In these difficult times, when our lives are getting complicated with each passing day. There's a need to reconnect to our lost self and Login Sign Up. Home Vedic Tutorial Mars in Virgo. Go step by step. Until you have mastered one step, do not move to the next.

Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one. Go in the same order of lessons as is provided here. Practice and more practice. Mars in Virgo Virgo is a dual earth sign ruled by Mercury which shares an inimical relationship with Mars. While Mars is a fiery masculine planet that concerns itself with passion, ambition and energy, Mercury is a neutral earth planet that relates to intellect and wisdom. Virgo natives tend to pay attention to the little details.

Since Mars represents weapons and Mercury represents concentration, a meeting of their energies in Virgo makes the native skillful in fields such as medicine, nursing and surgery.

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Mars in Virgo also gives a strong drive for sex. It awards the native with the knowledge of writing and poetry. These natives also do well in mechanical fields. Professional requires to give their best at work and to stay away from office politics and gossip mongers.

Impact of Mars

Controversies and conspiracies may bother you. Stay cautious of enemies, imposters and fake people. The transit may affect the married life of Cancer and occasional confrontations may lead to arguments. Though the income would remain constant, hefty expenses may make things financially challenging for Cancer natives.

Pay undivided attention to your health during this transit. Confidence is the key.

Venus enters Scorpio

Hard work reaps fruitful results. This Guru Transit will bring a lot of promising profits for Leo. Jupiter will transit into the 5th House for Leo, which is the house of education. It is the best time for students. Excellent academic performance, admissions in sought-after institutes and appreciation by mentor and instructor is high on cards.

During Jupiter Transit, professionals can expect positive changes, promotions and rewards. The support of peers and superiors drives Leo professionals to put in their best foot forward. Family life would remain calm and composed and married Leo couples can plan to conceive. There is an increment in your social status and reputation. During this Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius in , your belief and interest in religion strengthens. An auspicious event is likely to be organized at home.

As Jupiter will move into 4th house comfort , this transit of Jupiter into Sagittarius will bring in favorable and progressive time with respect to different aspects of your life. During this Guru Transit , success will be on the cards for Virgo natives in terms of career and profession. New job, promotion, changes of job and a transformation in business; like increasing product line is favorable! Your hard work and sincerity will get highly appreciated, enhancing your reputation.

As a result of the Jupiter Transit , income for Virgo registers manifold will increase. A new car or house can be foreseen.

The Transits of Mars through the Signs

Socially the natives will get recognize. Things are expected to be smooth on the family and home front as well. For a detailed insight, Get your own Report. Jupiter Transit in Sagittarius will help Libra people to sharpen their creative skills and surprise everyone with a new energy.

Mars Transit Predictions: Based On Moon Sign - Ved Shastra

The transit to 3rd House promises to bring in appreciation, rewards and laurels for Libra in their career and profession. You will get filled with renewed confidence and energy.

Frequent travelling is on the cards during the Jupiter transit Short trips and journeys render positive results. On the romantic front, things will get smooth for you.

Mars-Sign Table & Transit Dates

In addition, the Jupiter transit in will also bless Libra with some material profits and financial mileage. Colleagues and business partners will be very supportive. Be cautious of your health during this period. For a detailed insight, get your own Personalized Jupiter Transit Report Jupiter will move into your 2nd house which is the house of wealth and family. This Jupiter Transit will help Scorpio natives in accumulating wealth. Investments generate profits. This period is favorable for savings, especially for the family. The transit foretells that Scorpio natives develop interest in arts and literature.

Due to this transit, there is a manifold increase in the name, fame and popularity of Scorpio both on the professional as well as personal front. However, there are chances that opponents may put forth obstacles in the success path but they get defeated. The Guru Transit favors additions to the family. A holy event in the family gets done. As a result of the Jupiter Transit , Sagittarians should remain alert and optimistic. Stars foretell that Sagittarians scores prosperous and harmonious family life due to the transit of Jupiter in this moon sign.

Natives of marriageable age get to meet their soul mates. The current planetary movement is very favorable for the couples who are planning to start a family. Income may also register a manifold increase for Sagittarius natives. There are chances of promotion or career growth also. Welcome this Guru Transit with positive thoughts. Your interest in spirituality and philosophy is fueled during this phase. For a detailed insight, Book your own Report. It is the time when Capricorn natives have to guard them against their opponents who poses obstacles in their path every now and then.

The transit will take place in the 12th house foretells that Capricorn people need to be considerate in expenditure and look out for savings during the course of the transit. During this period it is advisable to avoid unnecessary trips. You could be in dilemma due to the conspiracies at work place. This Jupiter Transit is the best time for religious ceremonies at home. Capricorn natives should visit holy places.

Keep patience, personal, financial and social well being improves gradually. Jupiter Transit in is favorable for Aquarius. Jupiter will move into your 11th house. This is the house of gains.