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Get ready to face fears to realize dreams! Taurus Apr 21 - May 20 New levels of leadership and authority are on the horizon for you. This includes accepting that you simply cannot keep everybody happy all the time, though you will probably try even harder than ever. This leadership may have more do to with pioneering and self-initiative than with leading others in any direct fashion, though that is possible too. Exercising your "Spiritual Will" is another key aspect.

This includes doing what you feel you must without hesitation, remorse or guilt. You will learn that being true to oneself is basically a law that must be respected. Be as fair as you can with others as you exercise being true to you.

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Gemini May 21 - Jun 20 Building a new foundation of security will be a central theme for you in This will include imroving and refining your health and overall lifestyle. Get ready to clear the old to make way for the new.

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Old stuff, old attitudes and habits and perspectives etcetera must go. This stands to be a liberating experience, albeit one that requires patience and persaverance. The good news is that as you do so you will begin to shine brighter than ever. Your sense of inividuality will take on a whole new slant. You know the saying, 'the lighter you are the freer you travel'? Streamline for success! Cancer Jun 21 - Jul 21 You have been disintegrating habitual perceptions and beliefs over the past few years or so and now you will really begin to integrate new ones.

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In certain respects the slate is clean and you have made room for new programming. This will include spiritual awakenings that will allow you to see and feel in unprecedented ways. The more you can awaken to inherited values in order to see whether they really work for you or not the better.

Expect that you will face your past in a very definite way. You will see things from new angles. Work with this process courageously and you will rise to higher ground.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Leo Jul 22 - Aug 22 will mark the beginning of a spiritual clearing and awakening for you. Inherited security triggers will begin to dissolve and as they do you will see people and life in general in a much clearer light. Old fears will begin to dissolve and you will be afforded opportunities to see, be and do with increasing confidence. Admittedly, you may well have to work diligently especially at first. Where you were warm before you may suddenly feel cold and vice versa in other areas. A re-shuffling of your values and priorities will become apparent. Above all, intend to listen to your inner guidance.

Virgo Aug 22 - Sep 23 Some definite changes close to home and on relationship fronts will become very apparent in You will assume more leadership by increasing the scope and quality of your services. In some respects you will be recognized and rewarded for past efforts. On other fronts you will be much clearer about what you do and do not want anymore.

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Call it a sorting process using a sharp edge. Amidst the excitement you should also feel creative and inspired in wonderful ways. This is your chance to grow new wings. Expect that it will take you a while to learn how to use them well. Libra Sep 23 - Oct 21 You are on the threshold of some significant changes in your public and professional life.

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