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How does it claim to work? What were their beliefs? Who is their God or gods? What is the occult potential?

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The Babylonians approximately 2, years ago or further back. Romans What culture did it come out of? It came out of the Babylon Culture How does it claim to work? Who is their god or gods? Daniel ; ,11; ,8 Deuteronomy , 2 Kings Jeremiah Ezek.

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Occult Checklist. Symptoms of the Occult. He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for My sake will find it. At last, one dark night I cried out, "Lord, why me? I gave the fulfillment of the passage in Acts earlier, but didn't complete it. The next part reads as follows, "And it shall come to pass afterward that I will pour out My spirit on all flesh; The quiet Voice of God gently said, "Cindy, if that prophecy is going to be fulfilled, I need some maidservants [or handmaidens, as some translations say] and I have chosen you.

I will be Your handmaiden to the nations.

Mike sought the Lord for Scriptures, studied and blessed me. Since then, I have had the privilege of traveling to many countries of the world, teaching and prophesying to the nations.

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Mike and I have learned many great lessons through the years. Mike is a protection and a covering for me. Sometimes we tease that we will write a book together about our journey. Throughout this book, I will share more details about my ups and downs, my mistakes and the blessings of learning to prophesy. When I started to write this chapter, I wondered how others were led into—or called into—prophetic ministry.

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Did they all have prophetic beginnings as a child? As I interviewed several prophetic voices, I found their stories to be as varied as the stories about the prophets in the Bible. Bill Hamon. When I interviewed him, I could hear a chuckle in his voice when I asked whether or not he had prophesied at an early age. Later, as I read the preface for his first book, I knew why. His earliest religious background can best be described as "American heathen. Bill earnestly sought God regarding his destiny as a Christian. In some of his early writings, he expressed his seeking like this: When I pray, I feel that the Lord Jesus has called me to the ministry, but again, I don't know for sure.

I want to know some certain way whether He has called me or not. There is something within that makes me want to go out in the ministry and work for God; then comes that uncertainty about whether it is the Lord's will or not. But even if it were revealed to be His will, how would I ever become a minister?

I didn't know how you get into the ministry. He was attending Bible school in Portland, Oregon. He had been fasting for nine days— seeking direction from the Lord—when he was given a "word" prophecy by a prophetic presbytery I'll write about presbytery ministry later of five faculty members who spoke the following message over him: Yes, My son, even as the Spirit of the Lord burned in the heart, yea, even in the bones of My servant, Jeremiah, even so doth the fire kindle and burn within thy heart.

Yea, and thy mouth shall be quick to speak the word of the Lord, and even as thou shalt speak shall the prophetic utterance come forth. During these four decades, he has laid hands on and personally prophesied over multiple thousands of people. These range from small infants to international church leaders, from farmers to politicians and professional people of all types. Bill Hamon's gift only came into manifestation after his conversion experience.

Another prophetic voice I interviewed had experiences similar to mine. She would occasionally have a "foreknowing" of events i. Her earliest remembrance is of a time when she was three years old and an uncle had committed suicide. Quite naturally, her family was distressed about the situation. One of her relatives was tormented by the thought that her uncle went to hell because he had killed himself. I'm not trying to relate a theological point on this issue, but it is interesting to note that what happened gave Beth's family peace.

Beth distinctly remembers sitting under a tree and having a talk with God. Just as clearly as if someone were standing beside her and speaking to her, she heard the words, "I look upon the heart. Trust Me. She rushed in to tell her family and as soon as she shared what had happened they were flooded with a tremendous peace. Beth and I were discussing various aspects of this subject, such as how the call of God comes and related events in our families, when she interjected, "You know, Cindy, my father was prophetic. Quite a while before airplanes were invented, he told my mother, 'Mama, someday people are going to ride in a silver bird.

At the practice for the confirmation service, the minister was demonstrating how he would lay hands on us during the confirmation service. He had me come forward and laid hands on me to show how he would pray for us. He spoke the sevenfold spirit of God over me related in Isa. The minister wisely let her stay a long time and when she came to herself again the confirmation practice had ended.

I don't know if something about the age of 12 is significant, but it is interesting to note that Jesus was 12 when He publicly stated in the Temple, "I must be about My Father's business" Luke This was also the age at which I had the series of dreams about hell. Perhaps age 12 is when children become especially sensitive to the Holy Spirit and at this age we should watch and pray for them in a special way.

John Maxwell's Calling Years ago, a godly pastor named Reverend Maxwell would call his grandsons aside to pray over them. He would do this quietly and none of them knew he was praying for each of them in a similar way. One day, Grandpa Maxwell, as they called him, prayed for his year-old grandson John. The prayer was actually a prophecy because the Holy Spirit spoke through this patriarch of the family that one day this young boy on the brink of manhood would preach the gospel. This was confirmation to the young man. He knew in his heart it was true. The Lord, however, wasn't finished with His confirmation of young John's call.

John had a junior-high Sunday School teacher named Glenn Leatherwood who took seriously his call to raise up young boys to be men of God. Each Saturday night, he would intercede for those on his class roster. After class one Sunday morning, he asked four of the boys if they would stay behind so he could pray for them.

Brother Leatherwood told each boy that as he prayed, he believed that boy would preach the gospel.


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Young John Maxwell did indeed grow up to be a preacher of the gospel. He is a noted communicator, mentoring countless thousands of young leaders around the world through his teachings on leadership.

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He also went on to say, "You know, my grandpa didn't just prophesy over me. He also called my brother aside and shared with him that God would use him as a Christian businessman and make him very prosperous and that he was to use what God gave him to feed the poor, and that's just what he has done. One perspective is that prophets were often referred to as major because of the length and scope of their work.

The same kind of pattern can be seen today. There are many prophetic voices in the Body of Christ and they are all crucial, wherever God calls them. Some of them, however, will be international in scope and touch a broad spectrum of the Body of Christ, and perhaps we could say they are the "major" prophetic voices of today. One whom I personally consider to be a major prophet is Dick Mills. Dick has one of the most unusual and powerful prophetic gifts I've witnessed. He prophesies almost exclusively by giving Scripture. Through the years, he has familiarized himself with 7, Scripture verses from various translations.

As he prophesies, he will give you a Scripture reference in a manner such as this, "And The Living bible says it like this In , while at school, Dick realized he had the gift of prophecy. His first experience in prophesying came during a church service.

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  8. After this initial release, the Lord continued to move in that same manner within Dick. Dick's unique style of prophesying through various translations of Scripture came to him while fasting in During that time, the Lord put it on his heart to give precious promises to people. At first, his ministry in this manner began slowly and infrequently.

    As he was faithful, however, his ministry began to increase and eventually took on national and international proportions. I live within the realm of 1 Corinthians —edification, exhortation and comfort. I am impressed and overwhelmed by prophetic ministries functioning in the Body of Christ that are detailed and precise, and I hold them in high esteem.