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Ah, the first sun sign of the zodiac. Aries is the type which will want to do it in an impossibly difficult position while standing up, inside a bathroom, on a cliff, in the middle of the desert, under an open sky. I mean, why should porn stars have all the fun as long as this competitive man is alive? Rough and full of the stamina of an Olympic athlete, Aries guys are great in bed, to say the least.

People With These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Cheat

What they are not great at, is ever calling you again after you have had sex. These guys like taking their time with things, and are comfort-seeking babies. Very affectionate, the Taurus guy tends to be sensual. Even though he is forthright, don't expect him to be into casual hook-ups a lot. That being said, even a Taurus one-night stand involves a lot of romance. Expect the kind of meat-and-potatoes sex one normally has with a partner of many years.

Geminis are really unpredictable in bed, and revel in switching things up. Easily bored, this guy is imaginative and fun.

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But, this guy is also the kind of person who is likely to slip it into the wrong hole on purpose, and call it an accident. With Gemini, you never know what is coming, so be prepared for some freaky business, and a lot of role play. Not someone with the world's craziest libido, Gemini guys don't always get off on physical stimulation, and aren't always touchy-feely.

The kind of man who will shower you with caresses in the most gentle way, Cancer will beg you to get on top, and then suddenly flip you and pin you down when you're about to come. Most Cancerian men are known to enjoy being submissive people who let their partners have their way with them. This is because their inner desire to dominate tells them that the best way to control a partner, is to please them.

So while they are cute cuddlers, they are smarter and more imaginative in bed than you might guess. Leos might be the type that loves hogging the limelight at a party, but they are surprisingly giving in bed. Committed to giving their partner what they want, they are generous in pleasing and performing well, sexually.

This is probably because they love excelling at everything, and being appreciated all the time. For Leos, there is no better proof of one's excellence than hearing the other person moan with pleasure.

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  6. Of course, they expect you to return the favour. Try some sensual spooning with him, and refrain from waking him up too early. Famous for being prissy and prudish, most Virgos come off as pretty wild in real life. Not only do they switch partners pretty speedily, but their self-absorbed, clean-and-keen approach to life can be very attractive if you like chasing. However, it is true that there are two kinds of Virgos. The first kind will wholeheartedly accept your bodily functions and odours as human and normal, while the second kind will show disgust at the drop of a hat, like a hypochondriac germaphobe.

    Help him chill out a bit, and you will have a perfectionist at hand, who will do extensive research on your favourite positions, and pay meticulous attention to detail. Did someone say butt sex? Librans are famous for derrieres, be it having them, or loving them. Not only does your average Libran love doggy style, but they also enjoy caressing their partner's bottoms very much.

    Libran guys are also quite romantic. Sentimental and often submissive, they tend to correlate love and sex as things which work in tandem. The trouble here, though, is that they fall in 'love' a lot, if you know what we mean. Probably the most oversexed sign of the zodiac, Scorpios are known to be insatiable. All the passions, good and bad are Scorpio. Those of us with something important in Scorpio need outlets for our passion and we need to control our passions. Sagittarius, the centaur, is noted for its ability to hunt and search.

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    It is an inspired fire sign and the sign of the higher mind. As a result it is concerned with ongoing learning, higher education, philosophy, and religion. Gemini collects facts, Sagittarius, the opposite sign, finds meaning in the facts, draws conclusions, makes judgments, and forms opinions. Opposite signs complement. It is important for Sagittarius to be well educated and have some freedom. Capricorn is the sea goat.

    This symbolizes the ability to go from sea level to the mountaintop. So we associate the sign with setting and achieving goals. It was about figuring out where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there. Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by practical and disciplined Saturn. In setting our goals we have to be realistic. In achieving them we have to be disciplined, patient, and able to adapt to changing circumstances. Capricorn is also lusty like Pan, buddy of Dionysus. Aquarius is a social and intellectual air sign. The constellation pictures the perfected man measuring the stars in one hand and giving water to the southern fish with the other.

    As a result Aquarius is associated with altruistic and humanistic activity. Aquarius is associated with activity and symbolism on a global scale, it represents all of humanity and all knowledge. It is important for Aquarians to know everything and know everyone. They need a global scope in their social and intellectual perspective.

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    Pisces is the last sign of old souls and a water sign. Its emphasis on the hidden and its rulership of the ocean implies deep hidden emotions and mysteries. The unseen is around and within us whether it is the world of emotions or of the supernatural. How does the individual deal with this? The tied fish symbol connotes attachment.

    I tell my students that the personified concept, Pisces, has a rope tied around its waist. Whatever planet is in Pisces is at the end of the rope, attachment. The attached may be the divine or it may be an abusive mate. How does one deal with what they are tied to. The passive quality of Pisces suggests we receive from what we are attached to and that learned helplessness goes here.

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    Pisces needs to find meaning in life and in events and needs to connect to the spiritual. If we wanted to encapsulate the dynamics of the signs we could say: Aries, energy; Taurus, security; Gemini, thought and communication; Cancer, feeling; Leo, power and creativity; Virgo, productivity and skill; Libra, relationships; Scorpio, passions; Sagittarius, adventures of the mind and body; Capricorn, setting and achieving goals; Aquarius, people and ideas; and Pisces, subtle, strong attachments.

    He was part of the trait and factor school, holding that people are born with certain traits. We can make some nice comparisons between his 6 perspectives or values and astrological symbols. The Sun is associated with the ego, executive of the psyche. Self esteem and all the self words are solar.


    People With These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely To Cheat

    We in astrology, associate success and happiness with the Sun. The Moon is associated with Mom, women, the subconscious mind, and the predominant mood. Although each planet and luminary in the chart shows a facet of our personality, the sign, house, and aspects of the Moon encapsulate our psychology. The Sun and Moon are associated with the father and mother tape in transactional analysis. These are memories that we keep playing in our heads of what mother and father said. Studying the Sun and Moon in the chart can give insight into the nature of the tape. Anything that promotes awareness of the tape moves the tape out of the subconscious and into the conscious where it can be managed.

    Mercury, messenger of the gods, is the planet associated with thought, communication, and the conscious mind. We would place the Cognitive School of Psychology under this planet.

    This school places emphasis on how we construct our world in our heads. We might choose to do a positive behavior in front of students, this is called modeling a particular behavior. Venus, goddess of beauty, is the planet we associate with love, beauty, enjoyment, and pleasure. Psychologists divide love into Eros physical love , Philia brotherly love , and Agape selfless love. Eros is like Venus and Mars together. Since this combo represents the female and the male, we associate it with sex. Philia is like Venus in Aquarius or Gemini, the signs of friendship and siblings respectively.

    Agape is like Venus in Pisces, this is the spiritual ego less sign. Social skills come under Venus and any type of recreational therapy. Maslow has an interesting note about love. He distinguishes between B love and D love. D love is deficiency love and happens when one or both parties are in a relationship to fill a deficiency that they should fill on their own. B love is being love. Both parties are functioning well and are in the relationship because they want to be there.

    Mars, god of war, is associated with building up, tearing down, energy, energy expenditure, strife, trouble, conflict, and stress. Stress is defined as a situation in which we have to act.