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Even your career is all set to take a leap. However, you are reminded that nothing compares to hard work. You need to keep working hard to get the desired results because only with constant effort and perseverance can one achieve the great things in life, says Libra Horoscope Prediction.

Because Saturn is placed in the tenth house and has a major influence on your sun-sign, you may face a few challenges this year, says Ganesha. After all, no pain, no gain, right? These challenges will only hone your personality and prepare you for a better life ahead. Your Libra Horoscope says that you need to accept the challenges and push yourselves to work harder. The tougher you are, the easier the journey will be. All you need to do is to stay positive.

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This will be a great thing for your career and other things in life as well. The ruler of your sign, Venus will be moving favourably till the first week of February, as per the astrological findings in your Libra Horoscope This movement of Venus will definitely brighten your future prospects.

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Around the same time, wily Saturn will be entering Aquarius as well. The shifting of Saturn into the fifth house is likely to benefit people in business more than anyone else.

People involved in any sort of business will get a major boost in their growth possibilities. Overall, people affiliated with business will have a great year ahead. Not just in terms of profit-making, but also with respect to the overall growth of the business. According to the Libra Astrology , all the goal-oriented individuals will find a steady rise in their income. Multiple sources of income will be generated this year. The opportunity to invest will also present itself. Go ahead and make very good use of it.

It is prudent to take precautions in advance. Those who are on the verge of completing their education will fly with bright colors of success and achievement. Your father will be your pillar of strength, standing strong with you in all aspects of life. You may plan a long-distance journey during this month. Just, make sure that you move ahead with proper planning and observation. Make an attempt to avoid minor issues and do not fall in a pit of arguments with seniors or boss. This month is reflecting some kind of change in career, so be prepared for that.

Libra August Horoscope: Libra, as per August Horoscope, this is an ideal period to invest in share markets as chances of gains are being maximized. You can expect this to be a gainful period, both positional as well as financial wise. Your boss and seniors will appreciate you for your commendable work performance. Abstain from pointless discussions, rest everything will be fine!

Health will likewise be a matter of concern and will require careful observation. This could possibly affect your sleep. Meditation and yoga can work wonders in this case. Take proper precautions and adopt healthy eating habits!

Libra October Horoscope: Libra, October Horoscope requires you to shape yourself into a responsible, loving and caring life partner who is loyal, loving, caring and humble in nature. Learn to ignore minor issues so that sound relations could be maintained in the long run. Libra November Horoscope: Libra, November Horoscope has something extraordinary in store for you. Your involvement in religious activities will wind up being fortunate for you. Just make sure that you use a soft tone while having conversations with people so that there is no chance of falling into misunderstandings or disputes.

Keep a control on your pocket and avoid pointless expenses as far as possible. Abstain from using harsh expressions and unimpressive language in the light of the fact that it could possibly have a negative impact on your valuable bonds.

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Login Sign Up. Home Horoscope - How is astrologically special? Libra Horoscope. Please shut down anyone who cuts you off or interrupts you. Loose ends are tied up on Wednesday, December 11 , during the full moon in Gemini. Scattered thoughts, both about relationships and work, blow away. Clarity arrives. Act on a situation that previously puzzled you.

Lover planet Venus enters aloof Aquarius on Thursday, December Suddenly, everyone is an astronaut and needs just a little more space than usual. Don't take it personally if a partner is more interested in travel than you. Let them wander and remember that they love you. Capricorn, the business daddy of the zodiac, begins its season on Saturday, December Party hard during the holidays and remember there will be time for hard work after the new year. There's a sea goat in us all.


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Regardless of whether or not you celebrate Christmas, circle Wednesday, November 25 , in your calendar as an active day in the stars. There is a new moon and a solar eclipse in Capricorn. Eclipses bring up unexpected news and shakeups. Stay inside and snuggle to avoid drama. See you in ! You're the infant of the zodiac, Aries. That means you need extra self-soothing and care.

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It's important that you get your beauty rest this month because requires you to work your ass off. Read your full December horoscope here. A full moon brings you epic sex, and the holiday season lets you lounge in peak Taurus luxury.