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That is, some signs fitted me much better than others. In any case, it was reason enough to shelve the lot for a while.

Rudolf Smit - The Self Does Not Die: 104 Cases of Verified Paranormal Phenomena from NDEs

This all happened in the late s. And so does my horoscope But then I happened to visit the parents of someone I knew. In their living room was a big bookcase, and having in mind the famous adage "show me your books and I know who you are" I began inspecting the content of this bookcase, and soon discovered two text books on astrology.

Pleasantly surprised I asked the couple which one of them was interested in astrology. The woman confirmed her interest, and she and I had a brief exchange which led to her promise to cast my horoscope. Two days later I found in my mail a nicely drawn up horoscope figure, as well as a few written lines, which made me feel flabbergasted.

She had written things which were quite specific to my character and situation in life, and which she could not have known. But I was still not fully convinced.

So I did something else: I sent my birth data to a well-known astrologer and asked him to write an analysis purely based on those data, hence without ever seeing me. Six weeks later I received his nicely structured, six-page description which fitted me miraculously well. I was elated and the die was cast: from now on astrology had me firmly in its grip! This was the beginning of an exciting time. In those years astrology text books were fairly hard to come by, but after some searching in shops for secondhand books I found a few and also an ephemeris.

Next I taught myself the casting of horoscopes, and of course the first thing I did was casting my own. Again, there was that wonderful feeling which I have discussed further in Moment Supreme of having encountered a miracle. The elation of seeing astrology work But I did not limit my investigations to my own horoscope.

Virtually everyone else in my circles became victim of my thirst for knowledge about astrology. I asked them to provide me with their birth data, calculated and drew up their horoscopes on the spot, and began to interpret them using the recipes in those old text books. To my great satisfaction virtually everyone agreed with "their" descriptions.

Occasionally even the profession of such person was written up in the textbooks! This was truly astonishing, and I felt elated. It went further and further. It included what I thought at the time was good evidence for planetary influences such as the findings of Gauquelin, and had over pages.

To cut the story short, I had sought contact with the few astrologers that, at the time, were active in the Netherlands, and found out that in particular one of them was making predictions of the worst kind and with dire consequences, namely that his clients got upset and so terrified with fear that they had to seek help elsewhere. I felt that this was highly unethical, and I decided to mobilise the few good professional astrologers I had met, and asked them to help me set up what was to become the NGPA, the first Society of Practising Astrologers in the Netherlands.

Birth Chart: Rudolf H. Smit (Capricorn)

In other countries such as Britain and the USA, similar societies concerned with ethics had been existing for many years, but until now in the Netherlands there had been little concern. My astrological handbook for beginners Not only would this society make sure that its members would deal with their clients in a truly professional manner, but their behaviour in this regard would be based on a properly designed ethical code. And so it happened.

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This society was founded in and I was appointed its first chairman. I also wrote an astrological handbook for beginners and became founding editor of the magazine of NVWOA, the Dutch society formed in for the critical study of astrology. A wonderful time followed. Everybody was full of optimism and felt that it would be only a matter of a few years before astrology was fully accepted by society. As for my own astrological endeavours, I had set up practice as a part-time professional astrologer and was receiving many clients, so the future looked rosy. Being right with the wrong charts It was in this period around that I had my first major mishap.

I had a client, let us call her Ms Johnson, for whom I did a reading. All seemed to go pretty well; she was nodding all the time while saying, "yes, yes, you are so right" or words of a similar meaning. But then I said something like: "well Ms Johnson, we Apparently I had taken the wrong chart from my file cabinet!

Astrology my passion (Abstract+Article)

Truly, I have forgotten how I got myself out of this most embarrassing terrible mess, but apparently I had managed the situation pretty well, because she went away a happy client. After seeing her out I sat in my study, confused thoughts racing through my mind. How is it possible to do a correct reading based on a wrong chart? Did not all textbooks tell us that a horoscope is unique, that is, only fitting its native and no one else?

If so, how on earth could I have made correct delineations based on a totally wrong chart? I was completely puzzled. In the end I let the matter rest, but from now on I was on the alert! And not without reason, because a few years later a similar mistake occurred to me, but then I noticed it in time. My dormant skepticism reawakens In any case, it won't come as a surprise that from that moment onward the skeptic who had been dormant within me for several years, was about to wake up again. No matter that I had many clients whose satisfaction was loudly proclaimed after I had done an astrological reading for them.

Despite all this positive feedback I felt that I could not trust any longer the astrological text books I had consulted. They were too often in disagreement. As a matter of fact, my whole attitude towards astrology was gradually changing to the extent that I was becoming a pain in the neck for my fellow astrologers. I was now critical of the "anything goes" attitude of so many of them, and of how they tended to believe anything that prominent astrological authors had written, be they ancients or from more recent times.

For example, whenever I questioned a particular astrological statement, their response tended to be: "It is so, because famous author says so. If I asked: "how does he know? If I then asked: "Experience, based on what?

Astrology by Geoffrey Dean, Ivan W. Kelly, Arthur Mather & Rudolf Smit

On empirical research? Enter the computer It was also the time the final three years of the s when the first home computers entered the scene. I bought one of them, the Commodore PET a forerunner of the later famous C64 and the astrological software for it was developed by a friend of mine, who had also bought such a machine. Thanks to this machine and its software I was able to test a multitude of horoscopes on a great variety of astrological statements found in astrological text books. It took me a number of years to carry out these projects.

I succeeded, but to my great chagrin the test results were contrary to all hopeful expectations. One did not have to be a professional statistician to find out that many, if not all, statements in astrological text books, fell flat when tested on a great number of horoscopes. For example, I tested the statement that in the charts of people who had died an accidental death, there would be a remarkable incidence of Progressed Ascendant to Mars, or of Progressed Mars to the Ascendant. Sure, there were a few but the word says it all: a few , hence not an overwhelming number which could confirm the textbook statement.

And so it went on and on. And one can imagine that my views on astrology had sobered down somewhat. Yet, I was still a believer, simply because I had happy clients, who tended to come back. So why complain!?

Research into Astrology Made Accessible

Until the day when the penny dropped. I meet Geoffrey Dean In February , I met face to face with Dr Geoffrey Dean, a man whose researches into astrology were already having an impact on the astrological scene. In I had bought a copy of the book Recent Advances in Natal Astrology that he had compiled with Arthur Mather and many others, and was deeply impressed by it since, for one thing, its findings corroborated my own investigations.

Anyway, we both had been invited to lecture at the yearly conference of the Federation of Australian Astrologers, and I took the opportunity to ask him to stay at my home. Since I was living near Melbourne, where I took on the agency for Matrix software until We had many inspiring discussions and during those he showed me a fairly thick packet of paper; in fact, a long draft article on astrological counselling that he was circulating for comment. In it he had brought together much relevant information taken from orthodox sources it had 87 references that was almost never found in astrology books.

It also incorporated comments on two previous versions from about a dozen astrologers and psychologists.

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He asked me whether I was willing to give it a thorough read and then forward my comments. Of course I agreed. Accordingly, shortly after Dean had left for his home town Perth in Western Australia, I began reading this paper. As usual his writings were highly informative. One chapter though gave me that terrible sinking feeling again. Not because he had written something wrong, but because there was the sense of immediate awareness that he was so right!

And that was the moment when the penny dropped. The sudden realisation how I had been doing my readings and why I had been so successful. And that was not thanks to astrology, but instead thanks to various things that I seemed to be pretty good at. Let me explain. A typical ad for my astrological services in Astrological Monthly Review August In this chapter Dean discussed about 20 factors that affect "personal validation" or the way a client personally assesses or validates an astrological reading.