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You have an opportunity to join hearts with someone who is intelligent, successful and loyal. Pay special attention to the period beginning December 3, when your powers of attraction will be very strong. You could meet someone special on an overseas trip, at a book club or in a classroom.

Another solar eclipse on December 26 gives you a second golden opportunity to exchange vows. The year promises to be a highly romantic one for you, particularly from January 1 through to December 2. It will be easy to meet adventurous, open-minded people who know how to wine and dine you. Is marriage on the cards? The period between March 2 and March 26 would be ideal for exchanging vows.

The thought of devoting your life to one person will be enticing and empowering, not frightening. Are you already in a serious relationship? It will feel like you and your amour are falling in love all over again. Plan at least one luxurious holiday together. Visit places that evoke romance and excitement for both of you. Boring family trips can wait for another time.

Relationships will continue to have a fairytale quality throughout the year. It will be easy to keep your partner on their pedestal in No matter what your relationship status, your love life will be filled with excitement between December 3 and December The Christmas season will be filled with intimate encounters, beautiful presents and heartfelt exchanges. A solar eclipse on December 26 will prompt you and your partner to take a bold risk together. When it comes to romance, offers you many different things, but mostly happiness and fulfilment. Your love life will continue to be unorthodox between January 1 and March 6.

Either your partner will be unusual in some way, or your romantic arrangement will be unconventional. Starting March 7, the bedroom could become a place of exciting experimentation.

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Delving more deeply into your sensual side will be rewarding for both you and your amour. Have you decided to get engaged or married? The period between April 21 and May 15 is ideal for taking your relationship to the next level. Are you single? You could meet someone special between December 21 and the end of the year. Keep your eyes open for romantic possibilities at computer classes, political meetings and humanitarian organisations.

Enjoying some ecotourism will deepen your love and devotion. Your love life continues to be a deep and rewarding source of pleasure for you this year. Starting on March 7, you will sense a fundamental change in your romantic prospects. You and your other half may have to live apart for the sake of work. Alternatively, you may decide to grant each other a greater measure of freedom.

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Taking separate holidays can actually draw you closer together, rather than drive you apart. Sneaking off to elope might also be a possibility. Your love life will continue its playful tone between January 1 and March 6. If you already have a partner, focus on injecting a little spontaneity into your relationship. Views: Category: Entertainment. Like it 0.

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Russell Grant Astrology are constantly developing new MMS and SMS products to bring top quality information and tools to the mobile market; the following are some of the services that have already been created - allowing the opportunity for partners to have a fully branded service under their title and gain sponsorship from advertising allowance on the final slide. The12 traditional signs of the zodiac are defined and explained giving users the guidance and advice usually found in our daily or weekly newspapers. Combining the Zodiac sign image on slide one with the caption; the full horoscope of around characters on the second slide and the third slide reserved for your brand, marketing information or call to action - this is one of the most popular ways for people to enjoy astrology!

MMS Personal Daily Horoscopes - A daily enhanced multi media message of up of up to characters combined with a rating for seven key lifestyle areas.

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Easily understood and instantly accessible. This is the mainstay service for most mobile end users. Unique to this service is also the Daily Influences for the day - which indicate how good or bad various areas of life rate - together with an indication of improvement or degradation on the following day. MMS Personal Numerology.

First and final sides can be branded and themed to a specific requirements. The style, look and feel and image used to display the numbers can also compliment the branding. MMS Personal Compatibility Daily Personal Compatibility - MMS - A multi media message of up to characters explaining how the changes in the planetary positions change the compatibility of two people day-to-day. The user would text in both their own and partners date of birth and our powerful astrological engines will calculate their combined birth chart and analyse the astrological factors happening on the day and provide them with an analysis covering 7 key lifestyle areas, together with a description of compatible the two people are.

A great addition to our Love and Romance product portfolio.

Branding of the first and the final slide is available to match a specific brand, title or theme. Since the 's, its text and unique symbolism and its strange effectiveness in divination have won it a following in the West similar to that of Feng Shui. Thanks to the Russell Grant development team the ancient mysteries of east are now repackaged in multi media form to give end users a daily glimpse at what the day ahead has to offer and what areas of their life they should focus upon over the coming 24 hours.

The overview of the hexagram is presented as a "Keyword" i. Sun, together with a sentence. Then each line of the hex relating to the overall cast is interpreted line by line. Goddess Stone Reading — Using the power of the Goddess latent with in all of us the Russell Grant development team have produced a visually stunning oracle service to intrigue and enchant end users. Each cast of the Goddess Stones is represented from 3 stones chosen from a bag of 24; the first stone pulled out represents the past, the second - the present, followed by the final stone which represents the future.

The messages are short and to the point - making this an ideal push delivery for an inspirational daily reading for users.

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MMS Rune Stones. The MMS Rune Stone Cast — Harnessing the ancient mysteries of the Scandinavian Rune Stone system of divination we now have another visually exciting service to provide a daily forecast to fascinate mobile users and give a daily message of inspiration and guidance. Simple and straightforward with true Scandinavian style this service presents the end user with an inspirational daily guidance system.

Either an on-demand pull service - or a random inspiration can be delivered to the end user each day. Angel cards have become very popular and across the United States in particular it's a common daily routine to pull out an angel guidance card for inspiration of the day. Our MMS service has beautifully created Angels - together with the Angels' name and it's associated inspirational message.

MMS Crystal Cast. A new addition to divination portfolio uses 5 crystals which are cast onto a horoscope chart.

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The results of where on the chart the crystals land defines a meaning which is relative to a tarot cast. Each of the five stones are interpreted in sequence - and the result is a very interesting prediction for the person for that point in time.

Three dice are cast; the first has the 12 planetary symbols Sun to Nodes; second has the twelve zodiac signs - Aries to Pisces, and the third - the twelve astrological houses. A reading is produced depending on the cast of each of the die. Easy to understand and relate to - this service is ideal for users who wish to ask a specific question and return usage is high.